Galactic Wars
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Galactic Wars
Galactic Wars is a "Sci-Fi Third Person Narrative Open World RPG" We have a very complex story set in a wartorn futuristic but exciting Athmosphere. The protagonist is an engineering officer who serves a system of united planets (the Republic). This order is under constant pressure from the so-called Whystler Dominion, a humanoid race of aristocratic and monarchistic aliens. They are a constant threat to the Republic and ready to start their offense at any moment.... But when will that moment come? Will the republic be ready to repel the attack? Who is pulling the threads?

miucat17 / Laurids  
Lorazam / Louis  
xophx43 / Noah  
Still in Early Alpha!
Stable Builds
Platform     Build date        
Windows/Linux - Launcher     19.09.2017 10:44:10      
Mac OS - Manual     Datei nicht gefunden!      
Linux - Manual     Datei nicht gefunden!      
To use the launcher on Linux, you'll need to install the package "mono-complete".